Last year we successfully installed more than 2100 charging points in Germany alone. In the past three years we have put our charging station into operation at over 300 locations. More will be added soon. By the end of 2018, we will have installed more than 5000 charging points.

In addition to this enormous scaling, our best references are the negligibly low downtimes. Our customers are very satisfied and we are happy and proud!

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Form follows function! We develop our charging systems according to the principle: as much design as necessary and as much robustness as possible. In this way we create sustainable solutions at the best possible price.


Our modular system structure favors the individual handling of different customer requirements, is cost-optimized and can be implemented quickly, functions smoothly and reliably. Fleet managers benefit in particular from the flexibility inherent in the system and against the background of changing installation situations.

We manufacture our charging stations / housings ourselves. With our own model controllers and RFID technology. We also develop the software in-house. Changes can therefore be implemented at short notice. With respect to a maximum efficiency, we have defined different variants in the design of the electrical charging infrastructure: For a few (up to approx. 4 charging points) we install self-sufficient charging stations including the corresponding network fuses. All our charging systems comply with IEC 61851 Electric vehicle conductive charging system.

Specifications of the aixACCT single charging point at a glance:

AC voltage (AC) 1x 16Ampere
Charging connection Standard plug coupling IEC Type2 (Mode3)
height/width 50cmx40cm
Display LED for status information
Fuse FI TypeB
Scaling 1-12 charging points suitable for fleet use
Integration Autarkic (from 4 points connection via separate undersupply)

From a larger number of charging points, we build sub supplies in the respective sizes with the corresponding feeders and fuses/overvoltage protection units and then connect these upstream of the charging columns.
These can be adapted as required or, in the case of larger total quantities, produced in prefabricated unit sizes.

The entire installation is installed on a stable ramming protection and is based on a modular system, with which gradients of up to 6% can be compensated on the terrain. The ramming protection also serves as a cable duct, so that no expensive earthworks are necessary and the building can be dismantled (especially in the case of rental properties).

In the past two and a half years our e-mobility business has undergone an amazing development. Due to our extraordinary composition of specialists from various fields and our already established network, it was possible for us to develop and produce a convincing concept, which now asserts itself in practice on a daily basis. Within only two years we have installed more than 3000 charging points in Germany and are thus the market leader in Germany. We act as a general contractor. We organize the entire process from the selection of the location to the finished assembly.
Our goal: Affordable and reliable charging infrastructures. Without headaches!

5 steps to your charging infrastructure



This is where it starts: The location is fixed or we provide help in evaluating the choice of location.




Determination of the type of loading points and location of suitable locations at the site. Advice on how to make the best use of local conditions.

Week 1


Project planning

Detailed elaboration of the site plan/concept, costing, scheduling and disposition. Coordination of possible house connection upgrades with the regional network operator.

Week 2



Installation of charging stations including all necessary pre-installations. Earthworks, electrical connection to the supply network. Final assembly.

Week 3



Complete documentation, commissioning and handover.

Week 4


aixacct charging stations now also in england and spain

The first 200 charging points have been successfully installed and handed over in England, and further expansion is making great strides. The first charging points in Madrid also went online. As in Germany, the same service packages ensure success in other European countries as well: full service from initial consultation to planning, installation and handover.


DC charging station

From the third quarter of 2018, our DC charging stations are connected to the grid. This charging system developed for DHL follows on from our most successful concept. Cost-effective, flexible, robust, low-maintenance. Thanks to the completely newly developed and revolutionary circuit concept, this charging station gets by with greatly reduced cooling and thus sets new standards in size and noise development. Our customers can also expect our all-round carefree package here. In addition to fleet equipment, our system is also particularly suitable for multi-storey car parks, DIY stores, restaurants and shopping malls.

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One step ahead

We love to surprise our customers with smart solutions. Small details, viewed from a different perspective and cleverly applied, often create big effects.
About 75 colleagues currently work in 12 teams nationwide.


Germany-wide service network

Thanks to our comprehensive service network, our experts ensure fast response times in the event of service.

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All information about each charging station at a glance

Based on our experience of the first few years, we have developed a software platform that enables us to quickly access all the necessary information for each individual location. With a single click, the status of each individual charging station can be queried, from quotation to maintenance. This facilitates the communication of the individual trades and enables a smooth handling of the individual projects.
This enables us to reduce effort and costs while at the same time implementing projects quickly. We are happy to pass this advantage on to our customers.
In the future, our customers will also be able to access important information and the status of all their locations via a web frontend.